Gone are the days of big flashing banners telling you to click to be rewarded. Well maybe not entirely. But certainly gone are the days of 50% click through rates (CTR) on Display. In fact a 0.1% CTR is perfectly respectable. I’d like to think this is going to increase again in time.

Tagging has improved significantly over the last 20 years allowing us to more accurately and easily target the right people with our messaging. Being able to identify customers vs prospects or people with specific interests or demographics enables us to reduce the ‘shouting’ approach of broadcast and offer individuals a better experience whilst making out marketing more effective.

This doesn’t of course apply to brand awareness campaigns where broadcasting is of course a perfectly appropriate technique but the CTR becomes far less of an concern.

Technology plays a major part in display advertising, more so than in many other channels. Understanding the key elements of this technology is key to success and Google’s suite is a good place to start.

I discuss this in much greater detail in my latest book, ‘Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing‘.